Place Value Chart Decimals

The place value of number is determined by its places. The numbers are placed in the exacting number of a digit within a numerical numbers. The place values point to the place of a numerical system base value. The values are showing that numerical value in the standard forms in the recognition. The values are determined through place of the numerals availability.


The place value chart decimals:


The place value chart is given below that

Numbers- words

1 represents one

10 represents Ten

100 represents hundred

1000 represents one thousand

10000 represent ten thousand

100000 represent one hundred thousand

1000000 represent ten million

10000000 represent one billion

100000000 represent one hundred billion

1000000000 represent ten trillion


Place value chart decimals:

Place value chart decimals is given below that

Tenth place denote 0.1

Hundredth place denote 0.01

Thousandth place denote 0.001

Ten thousandth places denote 0.0001

Representation of place value chart decimals

Number showed, such as 15, contain two numbers. Every digit has a different place value.

The left number indicate the tens place. So, indicated as 1 tens.

The right number is the one's place which is 5 in this example. So, there are 1 set of 10, in addition 5 ones in the number 15.

The number 34 might be representing by this table:

The tens position value of 3 in the number 34 is due to the presence of two full sets of 10. 

The first position value of 3 in the number 34 is due to 4 units that are not included in a full set of number.



Math example for decimal number place value:


Decimal numbers, such as O.2345, contain four numbers after the decimal point.  Each number is a different place value.  

The initial number after the decimal point number is called as tenths place value. There is one tenths in the number O.2345.

The second number indicates through how many hundredths there in the number.  The number O.2345 has two hundredths. 

The third number is the thousandths position. 

The fourth number is recognizing that the ten thousandths position which is four in the example. 

The one tenths, two hundredths, three thousandths, and four ten thousandths position in the number of 0.2345.