Six Line Segments

Line segments are one of the most important topics, in geometry chapter from mathematics subject. A line is a straight path, which is endless straight mark (line) . Line segment is an important part of a line, which are both directions having an end points. The line segments have number of types. It is un-countable. Here we have to explain breif about six important types of line segments.


What is a Line Segment:


Line segment have an end points on both direction on a line. In between that two points distance is known as "line segments". A line joining two points without extending the line. It means behind the end point. A closed interval or  portion corresponds to a particular portion of an extending line. It means all the given points between the given two points.


Example for “line segment”:

                                                      line segments

We know  generally a normal line is extending on both, two directions, so in this “line segment”, the word “segment” is having very important one.


The following figure is having xy line and a line segment like AB and BA.                  

                                                 Line segment



Six Types of Line Segments:

      So many types of line segments are there; it can be ordered as here six important types of line segments only, 

1.      Parallel line segment,

2.      Perpendicular line segment,

3.      Vertical line segment,

4.      Horizontal line segment,

5.      Intersection line segment, and

6.      Oblique line segment.

            And, when a line segment is not straight path means, then it is called as “arc”. 

Explanatory for all the Six Line Segments:


1. Parallel line segments:

                   Two or more than two lines are known as parallel lines. It is called as parallel line segments. The both two lines are not intersecting with each other line. And also it has same slopes. All the vertical lines are parallel lines and parallel line segments.

                                               Line segments                                   


2. Perpendicular line segments:

            Perpendicular lines are also lines which are the lines intersect with 90degree angle with other line. And the both lines are perpendicular to each other lines. Its slopes also equal. The figure like as given below:

                                                      Line segment s


It means any two lines intersect at exactly at perpendicular line in one point.


3. Vertical line segments:

            One line that is goes to straight line up and down, and itis a slope which is undefined, it is called as vertical line segments. "Undefined" means "infinite".


Example figure for vertical line segments given below:

                                                 Line segments

4. Horizontal line segments:

            The horizontal line segment is also a line, whose slope is zero; it is called as horizontal line segments.

Reference figure is given below:

                                                     Line segments


5. Intersection line segments:

            Intersecting lines or intersecting line segments are will meet at one point. And intersect with other line.

            Like the example figure by following.

                                                  Line segment s


6.  Oblique line segments:

            Oblique line segment is defined as, a line which is definite slope or it is not equal to zero. Commonly Oblique line is a coplanar line, which is neither parallel nor perpendicular. The oblique angle is not a multiple of 90degrees, and not more than 180degrees.


Sample figure of oblique line segments.

                                                   Line segments

These all six are the important types of six line segment.